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  • How can I fill a prescription without having to come to the pharamcy?
    1. Fax: Ask your doctor to fax the prescription directly to (587) 689-3016. 2. Transfer: Call us at (780) 888 8888 or message us through WeChat or WhatsApp with the number of your of your old pharmacy and the medications you would like. We will take care of the rest. 3. Image Submission: To give us a head start, send us a picture of your prescriptions through the PharmaConnect app, Wechat, or Whatsapp along with pictures of your insurance cards. We will collect and verify the actual copy upon dropping off the prescription at your door. 4. Refills: Call us at (780) 888 8888, message us through WeChat or WhatsApp, or do it through the PharmaConnect app.
  • Is there a delivery fee?
    Delivery is free if you have a prescription or if you order over $50 of over the counter products. We will do daily deliveries to South side Edmonton and we have dedicated delivery days for the North side Edmonton, but we can make exceptions for urgent deliveries.
  • What is the best way to reach the pharmacy for any health related concerns?
    You can reach us however you would like to from the following options: 1. Call us by phone at 780-111-2222 2. Have a video chat with us via our online platforms (Wechat and Whatsapp). 3. Message us via our online platforms (WeChat and Whatsapp). 4. Come visit our store at (ADDRESS HERE) There will be no lag time and we will answer almost right away.
  • Can pharamcists prescribe behind the counter medications and directly bill my insurance?
    Our pharmacists can prescribe almost all behind the counter medications with a few exceptions to help you manage your chronic condition(s) or to treat your minor ailments. We can direct bill to your insurance company after we prescribe. Disclaimer: Prescribing is done so on the discresion of the pharmacist after proper assessment of your condition.
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