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Filling a Prescription 

  1. In-Person: Drop off your prescriptions directly at our pharmacy

  2. Fax: Ask your doctor to fax the prescription directly to (587) 689-3016

  3. Transfer: Call us at (780) 391-1315 with the number of your of your old pharmacy and the medications you would like. We will take care of the rest

  4. Refills: Call us at (780) 391-1315, or submit it directly  through the PharmaConnect app

New Customer 

Access Pharmacy allows for direct access to your prescription account through the PHARMACONNECT app available for free from the App Store and Google Play Store

Download now to: 

  • View and manage your prescriptions

  • Request refills

  • Specifying delivery details 

  • Directly message us with any special requests 

Need Our Pharmacist to Prescribe 

Our pharmacists can prescribe various medications for your health needs. Come to our store or initiate a call with our pharmacists. No appointment needed.

Your Information is Secure With Us!

We ensure your personal and health information is completely confidential and remains protected. We do not share any information with other third party companies. If you choose to use our PharmaConnect app, rest assure that your information will be fully encrypted. 

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